Superior Science.

Remarkable Results.

BioXcellerant is our revolutionary formulation infused with botanicals that stimulate your own body's epidermal stem cells to initiate growth and repair. 

Founded on the latest anti-aging research, BioXcellerant formula represents innovative ingredients paired perfectly with nanotechnology. Using natural ingredients and the most effective delivery system.

The Science of Skin Care.   
Achieving Visible Results in 26 Days or Less.

At BioXskincare’s R&D labs, we focus on what really matters — results.

These pioneering formulations achieve outcomes once thought impossible yet based on all-natural botanical ingredients.


Our chief scientist has spent over 25 years pioneering breakthroughs in skin care science and travelling the world to identify indigenous botanical ingredients that demonstrate exceptional properties to rejuvenate skin.

BioXcellerant Skin Restoration Technology:

Nature and Science Working Together

No skin care product can work unless it penetrates the outer layers of your skin for deep absorption.


As an energy matrix that powers our creams and serums, BioXcellerant takes advantage of innovative and proprietary nano-particle architecture and liposome technology to enter inner skin layers and create healing from within. That technology and a precise blend of high-quality botanicals demonstrates extraordinary, long lasting results.


These healing botanicals and advanced bio-technology offer the most potent and state-of-the-art treatments available, thanks to:

Botanical Growth 


  • Stimulates release of self-regenerative (pluripotent) stem cells

  • Boosts keratinocyte proliferation

  • Regenerates age-damaged cells and improves the look of aged and wrinkled skin

Osmotic Carbohydrate Moisturizer​​

  • Creates osmotic pressure 

  • Begins to restore lost
    cellular moisture within
    30 minutes

Antioxidant Protection

  • Prevents oxidative stress

  • Heals damage caused by pollution, especially in urban environments

Active Peptides​​

  • Slows progeria synthesis of age-related skin damage

  • Reduces sagging and wrinkles

  • Encourages growth of firmer, more elastic skin


The Highest Quality Ingredients From Around The World.

From the Swiss Alps and Andes to India and Ireland, our scientists have travelled across the globe to find the highest-quality botanicals.  Each ingredient is selected for specific properties and bio-engineered into a formulation that delivers extraordinary results.



Can reverse the aging process by stimulating communication between skin cells and natural growth factors to boost collagen and elastin production in a way that renews skin resilience and firmness and rejuvenates skin texture.


Slows progeria synthesis, reduces signs of aging, sagging, wrinkles, plus improves firmness and elasticity of skin through direct action on new senescence marker, which rapidly obliterates fibrous-raised tissue left by untreated scarring.


Prevents oxidative stress and reduces the damaging effects of pollution in urban environments. Rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, and antioxidants, also helps skin retain moisture.


Boosts the regenerative power of epidermal stem cells to help grow new tissue, and enhance synthesis of hyaluronic acid within the body to improve skin smoothness. 


Discovered to help reconstruct tissue damaged by burn wounds, this extract encourages keratinocyte proliferation to regenerate the epidermal layer and improve the look of aged and wrinkled skin. It also encourages cell-to-cell communication to stimulate adipose-derived stem cells and help regenerate skin. 


With extremophile properties that help it thrive in freezing waters and snow, activates two key factors of the calorie restriction pathway in a way that improves cellular defenses, resists oxidative stress, detoxifies and repairs cells, and reinforces the skin barrier for a fresher appearance and less visible blemishes.

Combined in a precise blend and making use of new bio-engineering technologies, these botanicals bring outcomes once thought impossible.


“BioXskincare Products are amazing.

I absolutely love knowing all the ingredients are completely natural and sourced organically.


From the first use I felt and saw a difference in my skin."

- Kelsie Gramling 

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Anti-Aging Face Cream



Scar Cream



Professional-Grade Skin Care Treatments

to repair skin and help reverse the effects of aging

Find the right BioXskincare product for you. 

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