Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get samples of your products?  

Unless there is a special promotion, BioXskincare does not have samples available. Most physicians that carry BioXskincare products offer displays that help you learn more about the products in person.


Does BioXskincare test on animals?

Our safety evaluation without animal testing is a fact: our consumers’ health and safety have always been an absolute priority for BioXskincare. As is the support of animal welfare. BioXskincare has developed a very rigorous safety evaluation procedure of its products, backed by advanced Research. We are committed to new methods of assessing safety that don’t involve animals.


Where can I buy BioXskincare products?


Our products are available through physicians, dermatologists and medical professionals. Offering the full line of products. To find a physician near you Click Here.


Where can I find information about your products?


BioXskincare provides extensive product information both on our website and at your physician’s office.


Are your products safe to use during pregnancy of when nursing?


When used properly, BioXskincare products are safe during pregnancy and while nursing. Although there are no specific safety tests for products during pregnancy and nursing, there is a substantial amount of information supporting the safety of our products when used as directed. If you have any concerns, BioXskincare recommends that you consult your physician.


Can the BioXskincare products be used on any skin type?


Yes, our products are designed to be used safely on any skin type.


Is there a best time, or best method for applying the BioXskincare Products?


The best time to apply the product: is first in the morning and in the evening at bedtime following cleansing.  Our Research shows us the skin is more receptive for the absorption of our formulas at these times. Products used three times a day include application at noon prior to eating.


Best method of application: apply an appropriate amount of product to cover the desired area of application. Massage in gently and completely until the product is absorbed.


The Scar Cream and the Stretch Mark Cream: following your physicians approval for a time of application, apply an appropriate amount to the affected area two to three times a day, massage in gently until absorbed.

Are your products safe for those with a medical condition?


Any questions concerning a conflict that may arise or exists should be discussed with your medical provider before using the products.


What makes BioXskincare a leader in the industry?


Our ingredients, patented formulas and processes are what set us apart. We have developed and patented a specific botanical science that is responsible for the repair-reconstruction and healing of the skin.


Does the Scar Cream and Stretch Mark Cream repair and restore the skin from the damage caused by older scars and stretch marks?


Yes, skin can be restored to its original architecture by applying the scar cream or the stretch mark cream to older scars, keloids, older stretch marks. Preferably three times a day massaged in well until absorbed.


Do the products contain sunscreen?

At this time our products do not contain sunscreen, which can interact with several unique ingredients dedicated to restoration of the skin. 


Does the Scar Cream contain silicone?                                                                                                   BioXskincare is the first company to depart from decades of the use of silicone sheeting as a long term inefficient method for preventing scarring.  We prevent scarring by addressing the causative issues of scarring and specifically preventing their activity.  A biosimilar form of silicone is used as a barrier to prevent the incidence of moisture loss


Are BioXskincare products paraben free, phthalate free, fragrance free and allergy free?


Yes, our products ascribe to all these safety issues.


Where are BioXskincare products made?


All of our products are made in the United States.    


Stretch Mark Cream




Anti-Aging Face Cream




Scar Cream



Professional-Grade Skin Care Treatments

to repair skin and help reverse the effects of aging

The Science of Beauty:

How Growth Factors Work

See how BioXskincare is engineered to create lasting change.

Botanically Based Formulations

Our team has travelled across the globe in search of the highest-quality all-natural ingredients.

Deep Long-Lasting Skin Repair

Our formulations penetrate deeply into your skin offering far more effective and enduring results.

Find the right BioXskincare product for you. 

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